Why this blog

Hello everybody, 
I am finally posting my first post for the blog. 
My name is Damien (or Nana-Chan as they used to call me in Japan due to my surname) and I am here to describe the 11 months that I passed in Japan.

The idea of this blog dates back few years, and my willingness to understand and therefore make the readers understand different aspects of Japan. I was meant to update the blog everyday in Japan, but because the wi-fi connection was not what I espected and also because my computer broke down after few months I was in Japan. Those 2 reasons made it difficult to update my blog while I was there, however, I can reconnect many parts of my stay for 2 different reasons:

  • Living in Japan was an experience that I will never forget;
  • I still managed to take as many photos as I could in order to reconnect the facts in the specified order.

The purpose of this blog is not to making it boring for the readers describing just my adventure, but also to make it interesting for the people that read it by using as many pictures as I can that show different parts of Japan, from its buildings, to its culture and the every day life of the Japanese people that arise from the understanding of my experience. 
I went to Japan on 7th September 2012 and I came back to London on 5th August 2013. I went there to study as an exchange student from the University of Westminster in London UK to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (or just APU) in Beppu 別府 (Oita Prefecture 大分県 in Kyushu 九州). Here below I show you three maps just to give you an idea to where it is and I really hope that you will enjoy this blog.

From left to right: Map of Japan, Map of Kyushu and Map of Oita Prefecture (Click on the map to enlarge, I couldn’t turn the last one)