Long Night Bus Journey To Kyoto

I was sitting upstairs when the coach was leaving  the station. I was waving goodbye to  Mari and the bright lights were starting to fade away. I had one only thought at the time:

  • Tokyo….I will come back again.

I already love this country. It has a fashion that is uncomparable and still, there is more to come.

When the night bus hit the road, it took me around Tokyo and then stopped at Shinjuku to take on board more passengers and then left again, this time it left Tokyo for good.

The road started to become a motorway. Looking down the windows I could see that the bus was going up like going on a ramp. The sorrounding buildings were very tall and that motorway reached a very high point above the normal street level. It was about 5 or 6 storey high and the sorrounding buildings were much higher. It felt a little bit scary being that high but at the same time it was very interesting. That high way seemed never ending, it as going for miles and miles, I was wondering after a while if it was going all the way to Kyoto.

I didn’t want to sleep but I knew that if I hadn’t had a sleep the day after it was going to be tiring and difficult to be awake for the whole day. On the other hand, I didn’t want to miss a single second of the journey. I was sooooo curious of everything. I wanted to see everything. However, it was too dark to see almost anything at all, the only thing that I could see was that the first part of my bus journey while going through Tokyo, the bus was going fast through high rises. The buildings were amazingly high and the thing that amazed me most was the height of the level of the road, that motorway was built at 7-9 floors above ‘normal’ street level.

Past Tokyo, the road felt like never going down to sea level, it was always high. I wondered how long they took to build that road, and how they had built it. It was very fascinating. I had never seen anything like that inside the European continent, Asia was exciting and full of surprises, even on a night time bus journey and nothing is happening around me. Only my eyes could see the beauty of something that at first sight seems insignificant.

One stop

Even though the bus seats were very comfortable and could be pulled down at almost flat level to form an almost bed style sofa bed, they were still a bit far away to be 100% comfortable to use them as a bed, and I suppose it would be hard to pass a whole week on a night bus over night. It was suitable for a single journey and it was difficult to sleep long hours, maybe it was just because of my excitement. Anyway, after a while I managed to fall asleep.

I suddenly woke up a few hours later, this is because the bus was pulling away from the motorway and going into a service area. The bus stopped there not only for refilling the bus with fuel, but also to allow the passengers to go to the toilets and to eat and drink something. When I got off the bus I made sure to look at where the bus was parked and to recognise at least a few of the passengers, I did not want to jump on a bus which was going to a different direction, because more busses were parked there. As I said, The aim of that journey was to reach Kyoto, even though I wouldn’t mind to go somewhere else, because, at the end of the day everything was new and exciting to me. I wondered where exactly where this place was. Was it near Nagoya? or somewhere in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the countryside? I didn’t know. I wish I could find out.

There was only one restaurant inside that service area. They only served Japanese food, and this is what I wanted. The food they sold was simple and cheap. I had a bowl of delicious udon noodles. They were very tasty, I wished if I could find the recipe so I could cook them myself. Most passengers were there sitting and slurping the food bought. After that, everyone was happy and went back to the night bus for the last part of the journey.

Kyoto’s Doors

A few hours later I woke up when my closed sleepy eyes could see the bright light of the sky and the sun rising from far away. I opened my eyes slowly, and the surroundings started taking shape. The bus was moving fast, and I could see from the landscape that the summer was at the end. The leaves of the tree and the grass were still green but the sun was at a lower gradient angle. It wasn’t long until the landscape started changing and the bus driver slowed the speed of the bus slightly. A city was starting to take shape, was that the entrance of Kyoto? I could see houses that had a their appearance was different from what I was used to, buildings that resembled castles and the bus slowed further its speed and stopped at the first traffic lights. It wasn’t long until the bus terminated its journey, I reached my destination, this journey was a history of Japan in reverse, I started my journey in the new capital, Tokyo, and reached the former capital, Kyoto, and I was sure that also this journey was going to be interesting.