Akihabara’s Colorful Buildings

Anime Buildings

After we left the Meido Kissa, Mari and I went walking around Akihabara and she showed me some places. Akihabara is an amazing place with buildings that you can see only in Japan, some of them have a bright color such as the very tall Karaoke (カラオケ) building which the frame is of a bright red and large windows, the ‘Sega’ building (the company that produces video-games and produced game consoles) which is red and with their logo ‘Sega’ on the top part of the building and some other buildings which have large anime pictures on the front.

Akihabara's Red Building with Hatsune Miku's posters on the front and on the side
Akihabara’s Red Building with Hatsune Miku’s posters on the front and on the side

The buildings really impressed me because it is not possible to find anything like that in Europe and that made my experience even more real.

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