Finally My First Day in Japan – Arriving at the Ryokan

Loved the Japanese style straight away

I left UK on 7 September 2012 from Heathrow airport in London with British Airways and I arrived in Tokyo at Haneda Airport in the early morning of the 8 September. Few days before I left for Japan I booked a room for three nights at a Ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel) in Tokyo, near  Yotsuya train station in the centre of Tokyo near Shinjuku. When I arrived at Haneda airport, I got the train straight to the Ryokan. From outside, the Ryokan looked like a normal building, the Ryokan’s reception was also nothing particular but as soon as I put my foot on the stairs to head to my room (I think my room was on the 2nd floor, 3rd floor for Japanese people, in Japan I later found out that the ground floor in 1st floor in Japan), the lady owner of the Ryokan stopped me and told me that I had to remove my shoes and wear the slippers in order to go up the stairs. This is the first part of Japanese culture. As soon as I opened the door for entering my room I said ‘wow!!! That’s really a traditional Japanese room!!! I love it!!!’

Traditional Japanese table with traditional Japanese chair in the room – Photo taken on 8 September 2012
As you can see, this is a traditional Japanese room from this Ryokan with a traditional Futon bed and traditional Tatami floor
Traditional Japanese room from the Ryokan with a traditional Futon bed and traditional Tatami floor – Photo taken on 8 September 2012

No time to waste

As you can see from the pictures it had a traditional ‘tatami’ floor (traditional Japanese floor) and ‘futon’ (traditional Japanese mattress-bed). I was so excited at the idea in sleeping in a traditional style Ryokan room, this is what I was waiting for many years, it was awesome, I slept on the floor before when I went backpacking in South Korea almost 10 years earlier, but never on a tatami floor and futon, However, even after a 12 hours flight and carrying heavy suitcases, I did not have the chance to sleep in that room at the Ryokan until later in the day, because I was still full of energies and I was in Japan and I wanted to enjoy my stay as much as I could, so I went out and check out what Tokyo was offering. I was so excited in being in Japan and I almost CRIED of joy!!!!!!!!!

I WAS FINALLY IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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