Guitars in Ochanomizu

Map Reader

I had to find a restaurant for going for dinner that evening with Mari. Looking at the map, I thought:

  • Why don’t I go by train somewhere that I have never been before? In this case I can still visit parts of Tokyo that I have never visited before.

I have been studying the map carefully before taking a decision.

  • There! I want to go there! It sounds nice!

I thought. This is how I usually take decisions when visiting a new place, I think it is more exciting.

  • I will go to Ochanomizu!

I went to get the train so I could go to my brand new destination.

I Found It

It took me around 25-30 minutes to get there, it was quite easy to reach Ochanomizu because I didn’t have to change train. I could feel that the daylight was approaching the end for the day. I was very lucky to have found 3 wonderful sunny and hot days and thinking that in London the weather was already cold, and before coming to Japan I could feel that the summer in England was over.

Anyway, when the train arrived in Ochanomizu and I came out from the station, I realised straight away that also this place had its personality and it was different from any place I visited. This is what makes Tokyo cool. Probably every city in the world each area is different, howevrer, the difference between Tokyo and the other cities in the world is that every place you go in Tokyo has something really unique and special that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is like a million cities and a million cultures inside the same city.

It didn’t take me long to find the restaurant, it was actually a few minutes walk from the station. (Picture 1 below)

Restaurant in OchanomizuSAMSUNG
Restaurant in Ochanomizu (Picture 1)

I could feel from outside, from the entrance that this was the restaurant that I was looking for. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just a place to eat nice food and have a chat, the last one with Mari before heading to the next city. I didn’t book a table in that restaurant because I couldn’t speak Japanese at all and I was shy to speak in English in case nobody could understand me.

Guitars! Guitars!! Guitars!!!…

Near the restaurant there was a pretty small shopping centre (at least I think it was a shopping centre). (Picture 2 below)

Small Shopping Centre
Small Shopping Centre (Picture 2)

In front of me I saw a 4 storey building on the other side of the road with guitars on the window. I said:

  • Wow! That’s a big building for guitars. They must have many kinds and brands in there. (Picture 3 below)
Ochanomizu Pedestrian Crossing and 4 Storey Guitar Shop
Ochanomizu Pedestrian Crossing and 4 Storey Guitar Shop (Picture 3)

I have never seen in my life (not even in London) a building with guitars over 4 floors, usually they are all on the same floor. I go closer to the building and to the main road and I see on the same side of the road as that guitar building more guitar shops!

  • What?!? There are so many guitar shops!!!

Looking closer and more guitar shops were appearing, also on this side of the road. I thought to myself:

  • I am inside a guitar town! That’s amazing!!! Ochanomizu must be a Mecca for guitar lovers!

Because I was running out of time and I wanted to visit something else, I just had a look inside a guitar shop very quickly and then went back to the station for my next destination.