Last Dinner in Tokyo

Waiting for Mari

We had set up to wait for each other at the Ryokan at around 6-7pm. We had to set up the meeting last time we met because I did not have a Japanese sim card and finding a wi-fi spot was very difficult.

Mari did not know yet were we were going. When I told her that we were going to Ochanomizu, she said that she had never been there before and she was also happy because it was easy for her to go back home even though the plans would change later on. Then, we left for Ochanomizu.

Fish Restaurant

Once we arrived there and she looked at the menu, she said that the restaurant was specialised in fish. I didn’t have a clue that this restaurant was specialised in fish, because, of course, I couldn’t read any Japanese at all, apart from some hiragana characters. I always loved fish since I was a kid. Mari told me that it must be a nice restaurant and I had made a good choice. I was proud of myself.

I cannot remember what we had, and unfortunately I don’t have any photos for you to show the food that we had. However, I have to tell you that the food in that restaurant was very nice and I reccomend it to you if you go to Ochanomizu. Probably for drink I had some shochu (it is a kind of traditional Japanese alcoholic drink that has around 20% alcohol), or some other traditional Japanese drink that I cannot remember the name.

Time to Leave

The dinner was very nice, as usual. I really cannot fault Japanese food. Everything I tried was just perfect. Of course there are meals that are better than others, however, the quality of the food that I had was all of a very good taste, including the cheap ones that I ordered from the machines.

After the restaurant Mari took me to the Tokyo station because it is there where I  could get the night bus to Kyoto. Yes, night bus. In Japan they are very popular and  very economical means of transport. They are perfect for the people that do not want to waste the day travelling. Ok, it might not be very comfortable sleeping on a bus, but it is not something that is suggested doing every day or very often. Once a while is ok, but not too often and it is good to try other means of transport.