Looking for Yoyogi Park

Sad to leave Shinjuku

After leaving Shinjuku Park I headed straight away to the nearest station in Shinjuku. I knew that it was probably going to be the last time so see Shinjuku and its beauty. I was fascinated by that part of Tokyo, like it was already a part of me. It was in my heart since my first day and I still remember now, more than 3 years after that experience, every single moment that made me fall in love of that place, our romance during day time and during evening time.  Goodbye Shinjuku. I really want to meet you again in the near future.

I didn’t have time to think about the beautiful times that me and Shinjuku passed together. I was there in Tokyo because I wanted to see more. I wanted to fall in love with other parts of the city. I had to go. When I reached the station I was sad, but at the same time I was happy because a lot of new adventures were waiting for me somewhere else in that city, in that country. The adventure hadn’t finished, in fact, it had just started.

Lunch near Yoyogi Station

Not even half of the daylight hours had passed, I still have the most of the day in front of me. I was getting hungry because lunch time was coming. As soon as I got of from the train and headed to the exit, the first thing to do was to look for a place where to eat. I walked few minutes around the area and finally I found a place where to eat. It was cheap and the food was quick to eat. I had to make the most of my remaining time in Tokyo.

I can’t remember what I ate, but as all Japanese food, the food was deliscious. I ate quick to save time so I could visit more places. I left the restaurant and went to look for the park. Where is it? Let’s find out.

In search of the Park

The first thing to do was to go to the train station to look at the detailed maps that are there for anyone walking by. I looked at it and realised that the park was not near the station, I had to walk a bit for the entrance.

I really didn’t care walking for a bit to look for the park, at the end of the day I had to walk for most of my day anyway, so a few minutes of extra walk didn’t make much difference at all. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to see new things, things that belong only to that area, a part of Tokyo that is not found anywerelse in the rest of the world. The idea excited me a lot.

Anyway, it took me around 10 minutes to reach the entrance of the park. I enjoyed the walk to the station. One of the things that fascinated me was that the the way to the park was not even. The road at the beginning was going downhill and then I had to walk up a slope. But it was short because the entrance to the park was just there.

Yoyogi Park is different from Shinjuku Park

The first impression of the entrance of Yoyogi Park was that the entrance to the park is different from Shinjuku Park’s entrance, or at least from the entrance I took entering Shinjuku Park. While Shinjuku Park’s entrance was set along a very large and busy road, the entrance was just a normal gate. In contrast, Yoyogi park entrance was like a proper Japanese style entrance to the park.

In fact, as you see on the photo above, the entrance gate is totally made of wood, with three golden color objects, looking like coins, above each of the two long pillers and one in the middle, they might have been used either as nails or to cover the nails for decoration. By the look of the wood, the gate seems that has been there for a long period of time, probably from the Meiji period, however, it is still in very good conditions.

Entrance of Yoyogi Park From Yoyogi
Entrance of Yoyogi Park From Yoyogi

Hills Ahead

I could see from the entrance that the park was not flat, not even Shinjuku park was flat but at least it was flatter. I could see that there were more trees and it looked more like a forest. That park has its own ability to attract people that it is different from the way Shinjuku Park does and I think that probably Yoyogi park is more popular to tourists than Shinjuku Park does and I will tell you later why, but don’t get me wrong, I still love Shinjuku park because I am not a touris arant for tonight for me and Mari, and I still wanted to see more things in this exciting city, so I decided to have a look at the park in a quicker way than I did with Shinjuku Park. In one word, I had to hurry up.

Quick Tour of the Park

Because I have done a very quick tour and because I am writing this blog post 3 1/2 years later, I cannot remember much about the park itself apart that there were many trees, I was going uphill and downhill, I couldn’t see everything, just some of the things, and I probably missed the most important things, such as the Meiji Shrine 🙁

Anyway, here below I posted the photos of the park that I took while visiting it.

The Other Side of the Park

Once I went on the top of Yoyogi Park, I started the long way down the hill to the other side of the park. Once I reached the exit, I saw a familiar gate, it was the same as the gate I took at the entrance, however, this was in the other side of the park. There were definately more people there, it looked like that the entrance was more popular.

That entrance, however, was flat, and then on the other side of the gate it was a little bit more wide open with about 100 yards of footpath. Then I saw something that was even more familiar: I arrived at Harajuku!!!

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Still curious of Harajuku (I will never get enought of that area), I saw a sign pointing the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

What is it? Let’s go to have a look.

Walking throug a short foot path I saw a pillar stating that next I could find Yoyogi National Stadium.

Another photo of the Entrance to Yoyogi National Stadium in Harajuku
Another photo of the Entrance to Yoyogi National Stadium in Harajuku
Entrance to Yoyogi National Stadium in Harajuku
Entrance to Yoyogi National Stadium in Harajuku

I looked behind and I see a very beautiful building with a wonderful design. It was the famous Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Yoyogi National Stadium
Yoyogi National Gymnasium

As you can see, it has been beautifully built  with marvellous architecture. It was soooo beautiful and I fell in love with it (like the rest of what I had seen so far in Tokyo).

Because the time was ticking, I didn’t have much time to go there to visit it, I went to Harajuku train station and left for the next adventure, and to tell you the truth, Tokyo never disappoint me and it looks like there are 1,000,000+ things to do and see in that great city. I just wish I had more time to visit that amazing city.