Tsukiji Fish Market

As soon as I woke up and had a shower at the Ryokan after my first night in Tokyo, I went down the stairs at the reception. The lady that could speak at least 3 languages greeted me and presented me with the breakfast before going to meet Mari again. I really cannot remember what I had for breakfast because I am writing this post one 1 1/2 years after the experience. Anyway, after the breakfast I picked up my ruck sack and left the Ryokan greeting the lady.

While I was waiting for Mari at Yotsuya station, I noticed that the few western tourists (or residents) were wearing the same white safari hat, I was wondering why, probably because of the sun (it was really hot in Japan those days) but I decided not to wear anything like that and be myself with my Oakley shades, t-shirt and Jeans.

After Mari arrived, we headed to Tsukiji. Tsukiji is famous because there is the biggest wish market in the world, even though I just heard that few months ago they shut it down and moved it somewhere else. As soon as we arrived we found that the market was closed, so we decided to ask around why it was closed. They said because Sunday is the only day that the fish market is closed.

However, we didn’t leave the area. We decided to stay there and go to a restaurant to eat some sushi and sashimi. While we were walking to find a restaurant, we also realised that in that area also the most of the restaurants are closed, however we still managed to find one, and according to Mari, that restaurant is actually quite popular.

We entered the restaurant, Mari asked me if it was OK to sit at the counter and I answered that was fine to me. Then we looked at the menu before deciding what to order. While deciding, Mari told me that she couldn’t eat some of the fish because she doesn’t like them, I don’t have any of those problems and I will tell in a blog I will write down in the future what fish I had when I went to Osaka and if I will remember I will do a link from here to there. Anyway, we both decided to order sashimi.

When the sashimi came to the counter where we were sitting, the sashimi was just looking amazing. I really loved looking at the sashimi because it looked so good and so colourful so I decided to take a photo at the sashimi. I really would had loved to eat that sashimi all day long and everyday (this is what I was thinking before eating it). Both of the sashimi dishes ordered were on a bed of rice.

When I started eating it, I realised how good it actually was. It was so tasty and I really wanted to order more but I decided not to be greedy. So we just had one dish each. Anyway, the sashimi was not really cheap and we ended up paying 3000-4000 yen each (£17.50-£23.50 each or $29-$39). I wanted to save money because I might need them to do something else.

After eating we left the restaurant and took a photo outside together in front of the restaurant and kept the photo as a great memory. Then we left Tsukiji and headed to….(day 2 continue on the next post)…….

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