Strange Night in Shinjuku

After leaving Shibuya I went to Harajuku and the aim was to take as many photos as I could for this blog and headed to Shinjuku after that. I still don’t know if this is a blog, website or eBook, but the most important thing is to keep the reader entertained with my real life stories of my experience in Japan. I hope to surprise you with this post because I had a very interesting experience in Shinjuku.
Soba: I am coming to get you
I went to back to Shinjuku, not because it was late, but because I was getting hungry and I wanted to eat there. I actually felt the need to eat soba noodles soup. I don’t know why, but I just felt the need to eat that dish for no particular reason. The sky was already dark for the past few hours and when I jumped off the train at Shinjuku I started heading for my destination.
As soon as I came out from the station I started walking into the direction of the district where on my first day I met people asking me if I wanted a girl. No, I didn’t go there for a girl, I just wanted to find a place where I could eat soba. I wasn’t interested in finding a girl, but to find a Soba noodles shop, my love for the night.
After a minute of entering that district, I saw a man with African looking along my path. He was standing on the pavement and looking at people. He noticed my face that doesn’t look neither Japanese nor Asian at all and he kept staring at me until I was passing in front of him.
The guy thought that I could do business with him instantly, in fact, he stopped me and asked me a few questions just to break the ice first. He asked me where I was from and why I was in Japan. I always try to be friendly to people and I answered him politely the first questions he asked me. Then I asked him where he is from. He told me the country but I can’t remember very well. I think he said that he was from Nigeria or Ghana, I really cannot remember but I am pretty sure that he comes from one of those countries. Anyway. After breaking the ice he started asking me other questions:
  • Are you looking for a girl? Do you want to have sex?

I answered:

  • No, I am just here because I am looking for a restaurant where to eat.
  • I come with you to eat, we go together, but come first to have a look at our girls.
  • No! I am not interested – I said – I just want to go to eat something.

I looked at the time and it was almost 10 o’clock in the evening.

He insisted, he asked me different times the same question (to look at the girls) and I tried to walk away but he started following me. He was litterally stalking me! He kept insisting and then I said:

  • OK, I come, but just to have a look and then I go to eat something. If I am interested I come back after dinner. (I was lying).
  • OK! – He then said. – Follow me.

Then I followed him.

Uncomfortable Sensation

He didn’t tell me what countried those girls (prostitutes) were coming from. Following him made me feel like I was following some drug dealer and me looking for drugs. He made me feel uncomfortable. I really didn’t want to follow him. I followed him just to make him happy that at least I had seen those girls.

We have been walking for around 5-7 minutes and passed different buildings and hundreds of people that were enjoying their evening. I couldn’t see any stars on the sky because there was too bright. We were walking between tall buildings, and the lights of the buildings’ signs were brightening the street and the faces of the passers by.

Then we stopped at the bottom of one of those tall buildings. He pressed the button of the lift (or elevator, depending if you are British or not) and waited for the lift to reach the ground floor (or first floor in Japan). The door of the lift started opening and I started feeling even more uncomfortable. I don’t know why I was there in the first place. I should had run away, that was my first thought as soon as the lift opened but I decided to enter the lift with him.

Sexy Girl

He pressed the button for the floor where those girls were meant to be. The lift then closed its doors and started going to few floors above street level. We came out from the lift and walked to a door. He opened the door comfortably.

As soon as the door opened I was surprised. A very beautiful semi naked sexy girl was behind the door. I thought to see a Japanese girl, because during those few days there I saw very few non Japanese people, of course except my stalker and a few others.

Her skin was almost as white as the snow and her hair was as blond as the color of the sun. I though to myself:

  • She is not Japanese!!!!!!!

I asked the stalker where she was from and he answered me:

  • She’s from Russia.

Anyway, I was not gone to Japan to make non Japanese friends, nor girlfriends, not even sex buddies. I said to him:

  • She is very beautiful and sexy but I have to leave now.
  • Where are you going? – He answered.
  • I told you earlier. I go to eat something now. Don’t worry, I will come back later.

I said that so he would stop stalking me.

How Wrong

This guy was really annoying. He wouldn’t leave me one minute alone. I left the building and then he followed me down the street.

  • I am coming with you – He said.
  • No, I am going alone.
  • No, I am coming with you to the restaurant and then we come here.
  • I said no. I am going alone.
  • But I want to come with you to the restaurant.

I started getting really angry and I raised my voice.


The stalker realising that I raised my voice said to me:

  • What’s wrong with you!

And I answered him back:

  • No!!!!!! What’s wrong with you!!!!!!

Then he finally gave up and stopped following me. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!